What Is Back Office Support Services And Why Is It Important?

After all, flawless data, clear and compelling content, and well-designed websites all contribute to improving the customer journey. Back office BPO refers to businesses contracting contingent workers for non-client-facing services. These include administration and support personnel in departments such as accounting, IT, supply chain, HR, internal communications, and more. Business Process Outsourcing is the practice of contracting non-core business processes and operations to third-party vendors.

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While it may be tempting to offer a broad set of services, industry leaders recommend focusing on a niche market when first starting out. Once you have successfully mastered that sector, you will have a clearer vision of additional niches you are best equipped to add to your repertoire. Regardless of which industries you serve and what services you offer, your role is to ensure each client’s account is handled timely and professionally. Your team should be thoroughly trained, with a clear understanding of the client’s expectations. Do you possess a targeted skill set and the experience necessary to help other businesses work towards reaching their short and long-term goals?

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Some office parks provide back offices for tenants whose front offices are in more expensive neighborhoods. Back office functions can be outsourced to consultants and contractors, including ones in other countries. This ensures complete transparency and complete client control over project. Don’t just take our word, here are a few of our client’s that we’ve helped save time and increase their profitability by streamlining their operations and getting their books in order. Be safe in the knowledge that our team have your to-do list under control, no matter the task because we understand the life of a “SMALL BUSINESS OWNER”. You’ll experience a dedicated account manager that can tap into more skill-sets than you thought possible.

back office business

A new study identifies exactly how much bang for the buck a firm can get when it makes targeted cuts in back-office costs and takes steps to boost efficiency. Could you run your business better if you knew your technician’s average tickets, total sales, dollars per hour worked, billable hour efficiency, and more? Knowing these numbers can help you see what areas specific technicians need training in. We stringently enforce the best practices of data security as per ISO to ensure that your data remains secure at all times. We help set up processes to track and verify employee payments made on your behalf so you can repay them. We set meetings with you to evaluate our processes and identify any areas of improvement in order to continue to increase efficiency and effectiveness in all of our work. Capture your customer success best practices with built-in success playbooks.

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Entities that work on very complex projects might consider Genius Inside, which is a middle-office solution linking CRM with ERP and geared toward mature project management. Industries that might benefit from Genius Inside include any that are very project-centric such as engineering groups working on new product development or professional services firms focused entirely on projects. Our back-office support services include admin support, lead management, digital marketing, data management, and many more. Always putting our valued clients first, Premier BPO LLC provides Back office services to multiple organizations belonging to the Fortune 500 as well as mid-size organizations. Creating a synergy of technology with manpower, we process transactions at the lowest possible cost per activity with the highest degree of accuracy. Having a robust history of outsourcing solutions, crossed milestones, and building longstanding business relationships, Premier BPO is the ultimate choice for a business partner. Strategizing your smooth back-office functions on behalf of you, we reduce operational cost, increase revenues, and allow you to focus on your core competencies.

The back office is all the resources of the company that are devoted to actually producing a product or service and all the other labor that isn’t seen by customers, such as administration or logistics. Broadly speaking, back office work includes roles that affect the costs side of a business’ trading statement and front office work includes roles that affect the income side of a business’ trading statement. When back-office costs spiral and services fail to deliver, the reflex is often to cut support services across the board. In the short time that I have been working with Blue Collar Back Office they have really done an amazing job helping me with my General Contracting business. After signing up for their services, I was introduced to Gina who is just amazing all around! It is actually hard to believe that I have been operating my business for all of these years without Gina as I rely on her expertise daily. Gina has a vast amount of knowledge with quickbooks & accounting and brings so many great ideas to the table.

  • Centralize revenue streams in a single revenue recognition and forecasting solution.
  • Learn more about licensing requirements in your state by visiting SBA’s reference to state licenses and permits.
  • “The CPA only needs to log into the and they can have access to all their customers’ books at once. It’s all secure and all the accountant needs is an internet connection and valid credentials to get into the system. It works really well.”
  • BrightPearl is a good option for retailers, wholesalers and service providers.
  • Just as critical as having capacity within the team to run jobs is having the parts necessary to successfully complete a job.
  • “It is simple to use and the best part is that the recipient is not required to have the program to read the e-mail unlike so many other solutions.”

Baker says there are dozens of vendors that can handle email security in the cloud, such as Symantec MessageLabs and Google Postini. Spiceworks is used by 1.5 million IT pros who like its free network management software and online community. Outsourcing a back-office team ensures cost reduction while still offering high-quality services and talented professionals. Premier BPO strives to incorporate customer needs with technology since 2003. We combine Spiral model automation and labor arbitrage to produce a synergistic blend of customized solutions that produce higher profits, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction, and lasting client relationships. Determining the need for either or both would require a preliminary analysis of workflow within any organization. Luckily, Premier BPO is not only your back-office solutions partner but also provides excellent consultancy regarding custom-made business models.

Streamlining Business Processes, Enhancing Business Productivity

A modern back office gives finance teams visibility into any and all revenue streams and helps unify all business-critical systems, including customer relationship management , configure-price-quote , and revenue management tools. It allows finance teams to create forecasts and business analyses based on complete, company-wide data and to easily model what-if scenarios and new revenue and pricing strategies.

For many businesses, your back office application is the primary application required to accurately collect, bill, and report all financial transactions. Amid rapid industry changes, professional services businesses still want to deliver great results on time and on budget, keeping customers happy and successful. Make that vision reality with best-in-class services automation and ERP from FinancialForce. Baker says Kaseya IT Center is another IT systems management solution that is targeted to the SMB market, with prices starting under $1,000.


With a single database, automated processes, and powerful forecasting tools, ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Whether you bring the expertise in-house, outsource, or use a hybrid approach, you need experienced help. At a minimum, work with legal, accounting, and human resources experts familiar with your industry and type of business. The right people & the right advisors can provide proactive guidance on what’s needed to run your business in a way that limits risk & gaps across the back office. Let’s quickly acknowledge that a company’s core value is its differentiating capabilities that live within the product and the customer experience. The investment in the back-office should reflect that it’s not a differentiating capability, but the budget allocation needs to be sufficient to allow the rest of the company to freely thrive. Back office support roles are often behind the scenes, but should never be overlooked.

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Google, Uber push back returns to office TheHill.

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As more and more data regarding the successes of back office outsourcing becomes available, an increasing number of organizations are transitioning over to this strategy. This movement has led us to what is now known as the “gig economy” – a shift that is expected to achieve over 18% growth by 2024. The growth and earning potential for these businesses is limited only by the leadership’s vision and drive. Business owners should work closely with a financial adviser to ensure quality service is maintained.

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There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your Back Office Support Business. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant. When readers purchase services discussed on our site, we often earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

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Our back-office experts herald multi-choice, cost-effective, and smooth-running solutions perfected just for you. Share your operational challenges with us, and we will provide options to curtail all inconsistencies and boost productivity. For example, say your company is planning to launch a new, complementary product line. From your financial records, you can see how much you spend to market your current product, and extrapolate back office business how much you’ll need to launch the new one. You can then plan around that future expenditure and, if necessary, start cutting costs now to save capital for the launch. One of the more obvious benefits of accurate, high-quality bookkeeping is a clearer view of what you’re actually spending money on. Understanding your costs is particularly important when it comes to your cash flow – more specifically, where you’re burning cash.

Take advantage of this technology enabler to keep your team informed and provide customers with accurate updates. When looking ahead, one of the main considerations for the collaboration is to stay as close as possible to the payment business’s product development roadmap to help ensure that the back-office function can meet demand. It brings together expertise in finance management, IT advisory by way of solution architecture, subledger experience and more broadly, the concept of finance transformation. For the payments business, it was essential that the collaboration came up with a solution that allowed its business to achieve higher quality output, on time, at a predictable price. Cultural challenges have been addressed through the establishment of a strong level of trust between the payments business, EY and the software company. The first steps EY took in working with the payments business involved broadening its knowledge of the sub-ledger. The development capabilities for the sub-ledger were unique, requiring additional skillsets alongside EY existing experience.

Reducing the number of financial reports at an advertising company we studied, for example, was an easy move to make. A more creative solution is to charge for services, for instance requiring business units to pay for reports from a shared market research function. More important, it creates a market mechanism that favors the most efficient, high-quality services. These types of changes are relatively simple to implement and in our study, accounted for an average of 25% of total savings in strategic back-office cost reduction.

Opting to outsource the operations will save you and help your business to grow. Setting up an office with full back office services can be costly both in terms of employee maintenance and office space. Here’s a quick guide to outsourcing these operations and why your business needs it. A branch office is the location of a business, other than the main office, where business is conducted.

As you gain more knowledge and experience, you will want to consider offering additional services. For instance, if you offer IT services, perhaps you could expand by taking on a web developer. Some firms offer incentives to employees and applicants who accept remote positions. For example, a financial services firm that requires high-level accounting could offer a $500-per-month housing subsidy to experienced CPAs to work from home. If it costs $1,000 per month to secure office space per individual, a housing subsidy of $500 per month would result in an overall savings of $6,000 per year. The cost savings can be significant when employing many remote professionals.

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