Top Channels for Class 10 preparations online in India

Are you looking for free ways  from where you can study  for your class 10. Yes, you are at the right place. Here, I will discuss some top of the line youtube channels from which you can study to secure a good knowledge and marks.


This channel is mostly known for its brilliant work in Social Science. It creates learning and memorising the difficult concepts fun and joyful. It creates contents in a unique way. You will for sure like its way, go check it out. The channel also creates content for Physics and English

As the name suggests, you will find each and everything about English in this channel. There is content for class 9,10,11 and 12 with grammar. If you want a complete and detailed explanation of the chapters this is the channel to go. But if you want a short and brief explanation then you should consider the next channel.

This is mostly a Commerce channel but they have made a bunch of good  summary videos for class 9 and 10 as well. If you want a quick revision before exams this is the channel of choice. They have a neat way of presentation because of which it is really easy to remember the story.

This is the first channel in the list to have a good science content. Well, I cannot say that it is best as far as teaching is concerned. This is because of the way of speaking, it is a little cheesy. But the static contents are great and lines are easy to understand.

This channel was formerly called Examfear Education. This is a great channel and provides explanation to all your NCERT questions.

It  is now also available for viewers who are more comfortable learning in Hindi. We upload English Grammar videos, Science experiments and NEET Physics videos with explanation in Hindi. Besides, we also upload counselling videos in Hindi which help students in their difficult times

No question one of the best education channels on youtube as far as Mathematics is concerned. It provides a clear explanation to all the concepts. You will get all NCERT, R.S. Agarwal and R.D. Sharma solutions with detailed explanation.

This channel provides education to even smaller classes, specialized in Mathematics. If you follow this channel from the start you would become a pro in solving Mathematics.


Wondering still did not find a decent Science Channel. So, here we go. All the way from Biology to Physics, you are going to get a great experience learning. You would be ready to deal with some higher education skills which you should learn before passing class 10.

Now, let’s see the channel for Hindi and Sanskrit. I can now say for sure this is the best channel if you have difficulty in learning basic language subjects. They also provide lessons in different subjects but I have already discussed the better alternatives. I do not mean that they create bad content in other subjects but for that the above channels are much better.

It has become a brand nowadays, initially it was just a website providing free answers and notes. Now, it is doing live sessions on youtube which are absolutely brilliant. You get all subjects at one place with notes, DDP’s and answers. Some of their features are paid. But it is not much considering how much private institutions charge these days. It is merely 10% of that.


Much like Vedantu it is a brand as well, these people are hiring educators from IIT’s, and many other prestigious institutions. They provide top of the line content with interactive streams where you can ask questions directly to the educators. But, some of the educators though charge a lot of money if you download their app.

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