The Right Way to Sleep

Sleep should be restful at night after a day’s fatigue. As much as it is important to have a good eight hours of sleep, it is equally important that we sleep in the right state. Not sleeping in the right state causes complaints of body, back and headache. Apart from this, many stomach related diseases occur. The body will not remain fit.

Do not put your head towards North

Do not keep your head towards the north while sleeping. This is not a myth, but there is a scientific reason behind it. The body is like a magnet, with the head side positive and the foot part negative. Similarly, the north direction is positive and the south direction is negative. It is also revealed when you keep the compass with you. And you also know that when you move the positive charge (here charge means magnetic charge not electrical charge) part of the magnet towards the positive charge part, it runs away from it, pushing it. Similarly, when you sleep with your head towards the north, the flow of blood in your head is affected. Therefore, it is advisable to head towards the south and sleep.

Pillow Selection

Correct selection of pillows at bedtime is necessary. Sleeping on a thick and high pillow causes a stretch in the neck bone, which can cause spondylitis. This may cause headache and spinal pain. So keep the pillow as soft and thin as possible.

Sleep on the back or sleep straight or Starfish position

Usually, most people sleep in this position because it is considered the most common sleeping position. It is such a comfortable position in which the body not only gets relief, but this position is also useful in removing the disorders of the body. After sleeping on the back, organs like head, neck and spine etc. remain in a normal state, which makes you sleep very well and sleeping in that way is also beneficial for health. People sometimes call it the starfish stage.To sleep in the starfish position, lie the back on the bed and spread both legs in such a way that the distance between the legs is reduced and the hands are raised up and keep them near the head. This is a comfortable sleeping position.

Sleep on the left side


If you sleep on the left side then you have a positive effect on your health. Sleeping on the left side causes the blood to flow properly. The number of people sleeping in this way is high. Doctors also recommend sleeping on the left side. If you sleep on the right side, then stress on your liver, stomach, lungs and heart increases. Sleeping on the left side makes it easier to digest food, and it does not put too much pressure on your digestive system. Due to this, the toxic substance accumulating in the body- Toxin is released through the lymphatic system. If you sleep on the left side then it causes stomach acid to go down instead of up, which does not cause acidity and chest irritation.

Do not sleep on your stomach

Often many people find comfort in sleeping on their stomach. In this way, they get used to sleeping. But tell us that lying on your stomach or sleeping is not good for health because sleeping in this state does not keep the head, neck and spine in their normal state. Sleeping in this way can also cause pain in the body and joints, so do not sleep at this stage. Do not sleep by turning the legs, many people sleep by turning the legs towards the chest. Sleeping in this state is most harmful for health. This causes pain in the neck and back, besides, it also affects the chest.

To sleep well

Many times due to any anxiety or unbalanced food, one does not get sleep at night, restlessness persists. So for good sleep, practice sleeping in Savasana. Lie flat on your back. Keep the hands parallel to the body. Leave the body absolutely loose. Then close the eyes and focus on both toes. Think that the thumbs have become heavy, like heavy stones tied over them. They are difficult to move. Likewise,slowly keep imagining the same upper body part till you reach your head. Feel that your whole body is relaxed. It is so relaxing that you cannot move it even if you want it. Then feel that you are slowly going into a deep sleep. In this way, not only does one get good and deep sleep, but the body also remains healthy. A good sleep also helps in the process of detoxification and stress reduction.

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