Mi Air Charging is a reality now. Xiaomi’s great success

In the last few years, the tech world is changing rapidly and in this fast changing tech world we have seen many amazing technologies. One such new and unique technology has been introduced by Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. In fact, Xiaomi has gone a step further and announced ‘Air Charge Technology’, which will provide genuine wire-free charging experience to users. The new technology will simultaneously charge multiple devices without a wireless stand or  cable.

XIAOMI says that the Mi Air Charge has only just been placed in the demo store and it is difficult to say when it will be launched for the device in real terms.

No wires will be needed

After the introduction of this technology, wireless charging will also become an old thing, because for charging wireless phones, charging pads are also required. At the same time, now the phone will not need to connect to any device after the technology of air charging.

Mi Air charger

What is air charging technology

Regarding Xiaomi’s Remote Charging Technology (Mi Air Charge), Xiaomi says that the company’s patented Mi Air Charge technology uses a special self-developed tower or box-like device.

mi air charge

The phone will get support

At the time of its announcement, the company says that the remote charging technology only supports the smartphone. But, this future technology will also support smart watches, bracelets and other devices.

How phone will be charged

With this technology, smartphones will get millimeter waves directly and these waves convert into electric power and charge it. The charging tower has five phase-detection antennas, which detect and charge the position of a smartphone or device. It is being told that there are 144 beamforming antennas in the charging device to send millimeter waves.

As we mentioned above, there is no official information about when the company will launch it in the market. But, it is sure that any device with which this technology will be given will be of premium category. Users excited about this charging technology may have to wait a bit.

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