Interior Designing in India

# Interior Designing in India

Who is an interior designer?

As the name suggests, an interior designer is a person who designs the interior of a room. You might have seen various construction sights in your area. Most of these construction is for residential and office purposes. All these offices, houses, flats, etc. one day or other would need beautification from inside. And here comes the role of an interior designer. As an interior designer you would decide the color of the wall, design furniture which best suits the room. You would decorate it with some beautiful articles such as a flower vase, carpets etc. I think from all this you get the idea of the work of an interior designer.

Here are some of the top interior designers in India-

Sunita Kohli Interior Designer
Sunita Kohli
Manit Rastogi Interior Designer
Manit Rastogi
Gauri Khan Interior Designer
Gauri Khan

Why to become an interior designer?

Exposure- As an interior designer you would work with many engineers and architects.So, you get a chance to interact with various clients from different fields, which directly or indirectly gives you information on various subjects which you can also use in future improvements.

Easy Going Career- Every person wants a house that reflects his identity. The increasing demand for interior designers has been due to the increasing need for comfortable and luxurious homes.  Therefore, people’s wishes and desires to add aesthetics have increased significantly. Hence, Interior designing course is a smart career move.

Challenging Project- Each project comes with a challenge and this is where you get to test your creativity and technical skills. You get to tackle various projects right from office spaces to homes to restaurants. In this way you not only meet the requirements of the client but also develop a bond.

Satisfactory job– “Do what you love and love what you do” stick by this mantra to succeed in every challenge in your life. If designing rooms for your clients gives you the satisfaction, then you’ve chosen the right career. After all, bringing positive changes to people’s homes is truly a rewarding job!

Degrees Available in India

Degrees Available in India

Depending on how much time you would give into this you have courses from-

  1. Diploma courses take from 8 months to 1 year.
  2. Advanced Diploma courses take from 1 to 2 years.
  3. Graduate Degree courses take from 2 to 4 years. 
Interior designer course in India is not sufficient. You should also do a project management course after your graduation.

Best Interior designing colleges in India

The following colleges provide interior design courses of acceptable standard-

  • CEPT Ahmedabad
  • APIED Vallabh Vidyanagar Anand
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi

These can be followed by a course of construction management at NICMAR, Pune.

The following are good, but offer very specific faceted courses such as furniture design and graphics design, which are to be pursued based on interest, and proper guided career planning –

  • NID Ahmedabad
  • Raffles Mumbai
  • MIT Pune and
  • ISDI Mumbai (girls only)

Interior Designing in Medival India-

Interior Designing in Medival India



While choosing college you should look for its placement history .There are many firms in India. High paid jobs are generally available in metro cities. According to my research a decent job which pays you around ₹25000 to ₹30000 per month is easily available in the city of banglore. If you are looking for the best firms to join in India then you should understand that here every city has its own bests. You will have to search your best accordingly if you do not get a placement from your college. Do not worry your salary will increase with your popularity in work and time. Formula is simple, more the number of happy clients, more is your chance of promotion.

Creating your own job-

According to me due to the impractical education system of India. Most of the people are just running to get a decent job. You should understand if no one will create a job then who will get a job. One cannot depend entirely on the government for creating jobs. You can also open one in your city with a little investment and the rest can be arranged from the advance payment from the client. Yes, this is a perfect field to start your own firm and make it an international brand.


In this field, job and income directly depends upon your creativity and talent. Those who are not interested in this field should not waste money because if you do not have an interest, you cannot develop creativity and make people follow you in the field of work.

Answer to your questions-

Q1. Can a woman be an interior designer in India?

Answer: Well designing is a field where women rocks. Top known firms in India were started by a woman. If you will search for top interior designers in India then you will find most of them are women. 

Q2. Can I get a job abroad if I have studied interior designing in India? 

Answer: There are many colleges in India which provide internship opportunities abroad. 

For more questions comment below.

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