How to save a copy of any shared file to your google drive?

Do you have limited data plan? Are you student with recorded classes as shared file google drive? Or you just want to save a copy of some shared file to your drive?

Do not worry I got you all covered. In this tutorial I will tell you how you can do it.

1. Open the shared file

2. Check if the file is downloadable

Check if the file is downloadable by looking at download icon at the top-right corner or inside more options button. If it is not downloadable you cannot save a copy.

3. Add file shortcut to your drive

Add file shortcut to your drive by clicking the icon at the top-right hand corner. And save the shortcut to your desired location on your google drive.

4. Open google drive

Open google drive and navigate to the destination where you saved your file shortcut previously or you may go to shared with me section to find it.

5. Check details of your shortcut.

Right click the shortcut you added and click on view details. You will find the owner name is still not you. So, if the owner does anything to the file it will be changed here as well. In the worst scenario the file may be deleted by the owner.

6. Save a copy to your drive

Now the most important step, right click the shortcut and click on ‘make a copy’. This will create a copy of the file to the my drive location. You can just click on show file location to go there or you can manually navigate it. But the fact is that you now have a copy of the file saved to your drive without downloading and uploading anything.

Note: If the option “make a copy” is not available that means that the owner has not given download permission which also means that you cannot save a copy of that file.

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