How to not get bored while in quarantine/ lock-down?

Are you locked inside a room but you know that this lock-down is for your good. Are you scrolling through your social media accounts, chatting with friends and family or are you a person who doesn’t like these things. Well, whichever category you belong to I am here to help you all get out of boredom and your regular unhealthy lifestyle. 

Here are some of the top things that you can try


Due to our daily routine we never get to learn yoga and practice it. Do not worry it is not a hard and effort required thing to maintain as a daily routine like in case of a gym workout. Yoga lets you do what your body really is capable of doing, adding more flexibility and stability day by day slowly and slowly. 

Click here for a good beginner’s guide for yoga

2.Finding your Talent

If you have a talent in you, then you can never get bored. If you like music like me try some instruments that are in your home or if you don’t have any instrument you have your own voice. Sing a song .

If you are not in music you can try to create some creative piece of art from your imagination. If you have a pen or pencil you are all ready to go. Draw something or if you are not interested in drawing you can write your own story, article, etc. from your mind. Try these it will enhance your creativity and also keep you involved in something and give your frustration a rest.

3.Learn new skills

It is the best time to learn a new skill while you are in a lock-down. You are not going to get this time again. Utilize it to your best. If you are a student of  computer you can learn different programming skills like new programming languages, learning new algorithms, starting a new project, etc.

Or you can find a new skill to learn in your field of work or study.


You can also learn to cook your favorite dishes, so next time if you want to eat a particular dish, you will not have to pay your precious money at a restaurant.

5.Cleaning and decoration

You have time to decorate and clean each and every corner of your house. Now you can make your home perfect utilizing the time given to you by this lock-down. Start with cleaning and then arrange and organise each and every item in your house. Then from the waste and non-useful  items, try to create an item for decoration to make your rooms static and beautiful. 

Thank You! Be safe and keep learning.

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