How To Increase Memory Power

Master Informers are committed to bring the truth to you. Therefore, I will not say any such thing in front of you, such as your memory power will increase overnight or your brain will become a supercomputer. But I will talk here about those scientific methods, following which you can increase your memory power. Before we begin, friends, let me tell you, we all have the ability to remember. So we all have equal memory power, but the problem is that sometimes we are unable to pay attention to some things. Due to lack of attention or due to less attention, we are unable to focus on that subject and our mind is not able to accept it and because of this we cannot remember it.And what we call forgetting. But in fact, that is not that you forget it, but in fact you have not  observed that subject with concentration. So, friends, let’s understand how something is remembered, i.e. how to increase your memory power. And how to convert that short term memory to long term memory. There are many techniques to remember, but scientists have discovered five techniques to remember something systematically


The first way to increase memory power is to divide and then try to remember things.

That is, we do not remember any long words, long sentences or long numbers easily.If you will try to remember any number of 10 or 15 digits, you will not be able to remember it or you may forget in the first or second digit.But our brain remembers the figure of 4 digits or less very easily. And by the way, we use this technique in our daily life.Just like if someone’s number is 10 digits long, then we remember it in the figures of 2-3-2-3 or 2-2-2-2-2.Or when you listen to a big figure like 36517571001945. If you try to read this data continuously and remember it, it will not be easy to remember.But if we remember by dividing 365-1757-100-1945, we will remember, if we want to make it even easier then this can also be combined with some events, such as-

connection to remember

And after repeating it three or four times after for a few days, it becomes long-term in memory.I just gave you an example, you can fit this as per your data which you want to remember.

Second way is to take a Break

If you want to learn your school syllabus or what you read, then do not read continuously. Take breaks and let the magic happen. Before this we need to consider another thing, i.e. each and every neuron of our brain is connected to around 10000 neurons. But the truth is that they are not connected rigidly with each-other. That is why in between neurons there is a tiny 0.0025mm gap. And messages or emotions are exchanged only when the signals of one neuron jump up this small gap to the other neuron.  And the  bridge-like chemical connecting neurons with this small gas is called axon. This whole system is called neurotransmitters.  And these neurotransmitters exchange information by connecting neurons together, then that information gets stored in our brain as memory.  That is, our neurotransmitter gets tired by doing all this continuously, it needs rest.  And yet if we run firing of information on it in the same conditions, then our mind gets distracted due to fatigue.  We are unable to concentrate and our mind cannot easily remember the new information received during fatigue.  And that’s why when we have to study or remember any big books or big syllabus, then after every 30 minutes of study we should take a 5 minutes gap.  In these 5 minutes, you can take a walk, lukewarm music, watch a video or eat something.  And after this 5 minute gap you can start studying again and you will easily remember it.  You can understand this like that our mind is refreshed in 5 minutes.  If the practice is long, then after every half hour you take a break of 5 minutes and it will definitely benefit you.

Make connections between words to increase memory power

Friends, our  third method of remembering information is interesting and highly accurate.  You may or may not already know about it.  But if you  learned to use this technique then many things will be very easy for you. The technique is that we need to make connections between the words.  Like I give you a few words-

15 words

Friends, I told you these 15 words and now how long will it take you to remember these 15 words one by one in order?  5 minutes, 10 minutes; let’s give you 15 minutes.  Then also there is a 99% chance that your memory will leave you in the middle. Why is it difficult for us to remember this word in order? Because there is no connection between all these words?  But if we have to remember these words, then a connection has to be made between them.  And for this we have to make a small story. Even if the story is senseless.  But a small story will unite all these words in one bunch and that will be the key to our remembering.  Let us make a short story of these words-


 A glass mirror is on a large table.  That table has four legs.  Two of which are wearing pants.  And those pants have money in their pockets.  A person buys an apple with this money and with a knife it is cut into big pieces, but after that, when he eats, a pain starts in his teeth.  He calls a dentist.  The dentist then advises him to eat cloves.  The next day the dentist pulls his teeth out with the help of pliers and gives some capsules of antibiotics.  The person goes home in a rickshaw.  He then goes home to eat broth and visits his friends.


Friends, this story may sound childish but this idea is not childish.  This is a great idea adopted and proven by scientists to remember multiple words.  And in such a way, you can remember many words in order from top to bottom and from bottom to top in order. Please, try it once according to yourself.

Learn to accept information from all sense organs

Friends, we have a total of 5 senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. That is, eye, skin, tongue,nose and ear.  All the information of the world enters into us through these 5 sense organs.  We only use eyes when we study.  When we listen to something, we use ears.  But for example, if you watch videos on YouTube, you use both eyes and ears.  And scientifically, it has been proved that the more knowledge you put in your information, the more you will remember.  So friends, we have to accept the information from more and more sense organs as much as possible.

Systematic and Periodic Revision

Any information we get can be converted into long term memory rather than short term.  So friends, there is only one treatment and that is revision.  But revision should also be periodic and systematic.  Because research shows that random vision does not matter and has no benefit.  But the revisionists have invented a special technique by doing research.  And a proper time table is also created.  Before understanding the time table, friends first understand that according to the scientists, we do not remember all the information that we study, i.e. the hundred percent of the study we do.  Immediately after studying, he remembers from 75% to 80%.  But one day after that, its level falls below 70%.  With the passing of time and input of different information, the information started getting deleted from the brain.  A few days later, we only remember 18%.  And after about 1 week, we can remember only 10% of the information we read.


But listen carefully friends, but we can remember the information from 75% to 80% i.e., as we assumed, for a long time and it is not too difficult.  But for this, we have to revise systematically and for that according to the scientist, whatever we study, its first revision should be done within 24 hours.  And its second revision is to be done after 24 hours.  And the third revision after 1 week.  We have to do the fourth revision after 1 month.  And the fifth revision is to be done after just 6 months.  Friends, similarly in this time period, we have to revise 5 times by time according to the time table.  And you will see that whatever you have read, after these revisions, more than 70% will be remembered for a long time.  And friends, one last thing is that according to scientists, people who have more general knowledge, they can read or remember anything for a long time.  That is, if you are aware of the events around you, you have a wealth of general knowledge, then you will be able to remember things for a longer time.

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