Best vegetarian sources of protein

Are you trying to build a good body or are you just want to regain your strength? So, you are looking for sources of protein and but you are vegetarian and you are unable to find some good sources of protein.

Here are the best vegetarian sources of protein:

1. Soybean

Protein Per Cup

31.3g (63% Daily Value)

This is one of the best sources of protein. This is true but you should not eat it on daily basis because it is not very easy to digest. In my opinion the best way to consume it is in form of chunks as it cooks really fast and easily absorb a variety of flavours.

2. Chickpea

Protein Per Cup

40.9g (82% of Daily Value)

It is one of the most versatile source of protein. Versatile in the sense that it can be eaten in many different ways. You can put it in water overnight and make a salad in the morning adding chopped tomatoes, onions and some herbs. There are many Indian dishes which are amazing. Or, you can try making patties.

Here are some  delicious recipe: 1. Chickpea Pattie

                                                          2. Chana Masala

3. Lentils (Pulses)

Protein Per Cup

17.9g (36% of Daily Value)

There are a many different types of lentils, so you can play with flavours and come up with different types of dishes. Here are some delicious ones

4. Kidney Beans

Protein Per Cup

43g (42.8% of Daily Value)

As far as the the taste is concerned, according to me these are the best. No need to say any more sentence about them, they are just amazing.

5.Peanut Butter

Protein Per 100g

25g (44.6% of Daily Value)

This is the best option for the breakfast. It complemets all types of bread. Tip: Try it with some honey, it really adds a punch.

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